Mo Vlogs Dad

Who is Mo Vlogs?

Mo Vlogs is a guy who is famous youtuber. He does daily vlogs on YouTube filming his luxury lifestyle and his sister’s lamborghini. He sometime uses a clickbait titles on his videos. His name is Mohammed. He lives in Dubai. He were studying in London, but born in Dubai. He is there with his family, except his father. He has millions of views on his videos. He has around 1,400,000 active subscribers.  He does his vlogs with his siter Lana Rose, who is famous for her paintings. She owns white Lamborghini Huracan from 2014. She is very often on his vlogs. His hobby is about collecting money. He owns a dark grey Mustang. He lives together with his sister and his mother. But we have never seen his father in any vlog. And it creates a lot of questions. He has also a social profiles such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. There are a lot of fake accounts that pretends to be him.

mo vlogs

The Mo Vlogs net worth is being rumored to be around 2 million of US Dollars.

Is mo vlogs father dead?

There have been a lot of rumors about where is mo vlogs father. No he is not dead! He is alive. You can learn more about his father. It is the truth and not any nonsense which is being spread along the internet. Click on the button below and learn more!

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Who is a YouTuber?

In the wikipedia, you can find that term youtuber is being used for a man or woman who is uploading videos to the streaming site called YouTube. In the beggining most of youtubers never had any subscribers. Now they have a millions of them. Mo Vlogs is also being inspired by other YouTubers such as Casey Neistat. A lot of youtubers become copying him. I’m not saying that Mo copy him, he doesn’t. The main goal is to make people happy and entertained. YouTuber of course is not a charity. That entity earns money from youtube ads. It is forbidden to talk about hom much is it. It differs in every country. Being youtuber is often their main work, they don’t go to work at 7 o’ clock. YouTube offers variety of prizes for every streamer, such as gold play button or silver play button from subsriber goal. It is really good motivation for every youtuber to keep the hard and good work.

mo vlogs dad

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